The Lafoe Creek Mixedwood Experiment

Prefire stand
Lafoe Creek Mixedwood plot- Prefire stand (2001)

The LaFoe Creek mixedwood experiment is an burning experiment that the Canadian Forest Service is jointly carrying out with the Aviation and Forest Fire Management Branch of the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources. This experimental site, located northest of Sault Ste. Marie Ontario, consists of a set of 10 one hectare plots cut out of a stand of boreal mixedwood (approximately 70% conifer). These plots are being burned under prescribed conditions in spring before leaf flush in years where fire weather and fire danger conditions are favourable and suppression resources are available. The purpose of the experiment is to obtain data from which to refine the leafless mixedwood fuel type (M-1) of the Canadian Forest Fire Behaviour Prediction (FBP) System.

Lafoe Creek Prescribed Burn Photos

Surface fire
Lafoe Creek Mixedwood - Surface fire (2005)
Intermittent torching
Mixedwood fire with intermittent torching (2001)