FOR419 / FOR1416 - Forest Fires

FOR419 provides students with a general understanding of forest fire in Canada and a detailed exposure to the fundamentals behind the development of a number of the models used throughout Canada for forest fire management, specifically models that underlie the Canadian forest Fire Danger Rating System. In this course we review the physical concepts of fuel moisture, fire ignition and spread and relate these to the structure and operational use danger rating systems in Canada (and elsewhere). Time is spent examining the assumptions and basic physics behind the models and how one might adapt them then to non-standard situations.

A parallel graduate-level version of this course (FOR1416) is also offered. Lectures will remain the same as FOR419, with the addition of a seminar presentation class. Course expectations are different for the graduate cohort, with the major change being a term paper replacing the mid-term exam. Anyone interested in taking this graduate-level course should contact Mike Wotton (room 4013 ESC) for further information.

A detailed description of the course can be downloaded here: FOR419 / FOR1416 - January 2014.